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Great Gums!

Today’s society promotes straight, white smiles as the ideal goal for both men and women aiming for a more attractive appearance. As dentists, we know that while beautiful teeth are an integral part of an ideal smile, gums deserve just as much, if not more, attention.

Notice of Privacy Practices

This notice describes how your health information may be used and disclosed, and how you can access this information. Please review it carefully. At Timothy G. Herring, D.M.D., we are required by law to keep your healthy information secure and confidential. Also by law, we need to give you this notice and follow the terms of this notice.

Protect Your Teeth Against Enamel Erosion

Enamel is the hard, protective outer layer of your teeth. If it erodes, it can be very uncomfortable, with symptoms ranging from tooth sensitivity and discoloration, to painful cracks in the teeth. What is tooth erosion caused by, and how can you prevent it?

Save Your Breath!

You may already have completed your spring-cleaning and organized your spring wardrobe, so why not view the new spring season as an opportunity to embark on a fresh oral hygiene program, too?