Great Gums!

Today’s society promotes straight, white smiles as the ideal goal for both men and women aiming for a more attractive appearance. As dentists, we know that while beautiful teeth are an integral part of an ideal smile, gums deserve just as much, if not more, attention.

Beautiful teeth can only sustain themselves if healthy gums support them. Healthy gums help retain teeth in their sockets, in addition to helping to cosmetically frame the teeth, providing attractive aesthetic contours.

While we strongly encourage flossing to remove what your toothbrush can’t reach, there are also other options available for people who may need alternatives to dental floss. Here are some choices that you may want to consider:

  • Interdental brushes: This is a type of toothbrush that has a very small tapered or cylindrical head with fine bristles. It is excellent for getting in and around braces and bridges, and is also beneficial for those with widely spaced teeth or implants.
  • Interdental woodsticks: These wooden sticks help clean between your teeth while massaging your gums.
  • Irrigation devices: An oral irrigator is a machine that blasts a precise, pressurized stream of water to clean around the gumline. It can be used with water alone, or with a mouth rinse. Note that this is not a replacement for flossing, but can be a helpful tool to help clean around braces, bridges and implants, and aid those who may find flossing difficult due to compromised medical states.

Ask us to explain more about these interdental aids, and about tips or tools that may make flossing a more efficient process for you.

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