Healthy Smile, Healthy Outlook

While each dentist may focus on different priorities in their practices, we all preach the same mantra: Take care of your teeth, and they’ll take care of you.

Teeth begin to develop before birth, and throughout our lifetime are responsible for allowing us to process the foods that will keep us healthy, while enabling us to speak properly, have a more attractive appearance and even place higher on a social level. In fact, research shows that a beautiful smile can make you appear more intelligent, interesting, successful and wealthy to others!

A beautiful smile begins with healthy bones, gums and strong teeth. Covered with enamel, the hardest substances in the body are teeth, which are necessary for tearing, cutting and grinding food in preparation for swallowing and digestion. Each type of tooth is responsible for a specific function in the eating process. Starting at the front, the incisors — the front teeth — cut food when you bite into them. The longer, sharper canines beside them tear the food, while the premolars behind them grind and mash the food with their flatter surfaces. The molars, at the back of the mouth, make sure food is well chewed before entering the digestive track.

Knowing the specific function of each type of tooth, you can understand why it’s so important to have a full set of healthy teeth, to ensure you’re able to eat all the right foods to keep your whole body healthy. Good general health starts with good nutrition. This is the reason we constantly stress the importance of taking care of your teeth through daily flossing and brushing, and regular dental visits.

If you haven’t already reserved a convenient time to come in for your next dental checkup, please take a minute to call us now. We look forward to helping you improve and maintain, not only your beautiful smile, but your overall health, too!

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